Widowed by Suicide aims to reduce the isolation felt by those who have lost their life partner through suicide, providing emotional support and informal advice, by sharing individual experiences in a safe and secure environment.

The Widowed by Suicide site focuses on the unique challenges of being a surviving partner.

As well as dealing with all the usual aspects of a suicide bereavement in addition the surviving partner has to deal with some of the following;

Becoming a widow/widower

Becoming a single parent

Losing a substantial amount of household income

Trying to provide a stable environment for children whilst trying
to grieve themselves

Dandelion"by losing your husband this way it ,strips away your security, (emotionally and financially), you question your life and your love together,   you worry that your children might do the same, your dreams for your future together have gone and your left to deal with this alone, because that special someone, your rock has gone"

Death by suicide is sadly still taboo. Friends and family don't always know what to say to the bereaved person. The bereaved person (survivor) may feel to blame (a common reaction), feel shame and worry about how other people will react upon news of the suicide. This in turn leads to the survivor being unable to speak about the death and becomes isolated.

This site is a focal point for those bereaved by suicide to help them deal with the practicalities and signpost to others bereaved in the same way.